About Routine Maintenance

Your website is like a car and it needs regular tune-ups. Here’s why:

  • Things change. Many people encounter problems with their websites due to the fact that not all browsers render sites in the same way. Moreover, browsers keep updating — so the way they work keeps evolving. In order to ensure consistency of design across the growing number of browsers, Vinjoy performs regular testing across a variety of devices, operating systems and browsers.
  • Don’t get caught with your pants down – keep backing up! It is extremely important to ensure that your information is backed up in order to avoid losing hard-earned work, information and/or software.  Vinjoy will perform regular and thorough backups of your site so that it may be restored in case of loss.
  • Keep with the times, man. Plugins help to provide a rich Internet experience and they may need upgrading to accommodate newer versions of the base website software, or become obsolete with improvements in the site design. At Strategy7 we are dedicated to regular monitoring and updating Plugin modules to ensure accurate performance across all major browsers.
  • Maximize your up-time. Downtime is highly inconvenient for any website owner and when it happens it is important to have someone on hand to help. Strategy7 can assist you by liaising with the hosting company to sort out the situation as quickly as possible. Monitoring your website functionality to ensure that everything is working as it should and upgrade where necessary.
  • Hack attack.  Hacking is a growing concern for any on-line business and attacks adapt and become more sophisticated every day. Strategy7 will make sure you have the defenses you need against malicious software utilizing security software to prevent hackers from gaining access to your site — and should the dreaded deed occur, we can help you recover.
  • We’re here should you need us for consultation and advice. We stay informed of best-practices and emerging trends and what other sites are doing and what is possible. We will share our knowledge with you and you get to decide which of ideas apply to your business.