WordPress began as an open-source blogging platform in 2003 and since then, it has evolved into an incredibly versatile, powerful and easy-to-use content management system (CMS). There are currently over 35 million WordPress websites in existence worldwide, including many high-profile websites; in fact, the website you are looking at right now is built on WordPress! We have found it to be one of the most intuitive platforms for clients to learn how to use and we are experts at adapting WordPress to suit nearly any requirement you might have.

Popular. Easy to use. Immensely powerful.

Here are some reasons why it’s a great choice:

  • Easy Content Updates – This is the possibly the number one reason to use a Content Management System like WordPress. A basic site can be set up with easy access to allow edit to all on-page text and images. There are also many ways to set up custom modules and text areas which, once implemented, can be accessed and edited by anyone with rudimentary computer skills.
  • Integrated Search Engine Optimization – There are many SEO plug-ins for WordPress that can be set up to help provide a summary of search engine results. These plug-ins allow for basic SEO strategies and some even give you an estimate on how well your site is optimized for SEO. It’s safe to say that WordPress’ strength in this area is the availability of great third party plugins to suit your needs.
  • Optimized for Tablet/Mobile/PC – Properly setting up a site to be responsive is the most efficient way to ensure users on PC’s, mobile devices and tablets all receive a positive experience on your site. It ensures that your content and branding is consistent and usable on all devices.
  • Big Companies Use It – The WordPress platform is completely scalable and is used for everything from one page blog sites to massive international news sites. One of the strongest statements for WordPress is the number of large companies that use it. Current users include Time Inc., Sony Music, Xerox, The New York Times, and even AMC (home of Mad Men, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead).
  • Flexible E-commerce Options – There are also plug-ins created for e-commerce applications that allow for cart processing, ordering, and even shipping. There are suitable e-commerce integrations for nearly any size site or application, and many basic plug-ins are available for a nominal monthly fee.
  • Built-In Blogging – WordPress started as a blog engine, and though it has changed considerably over the years, blogging is still at the platform’s core so adding fresh content to a site through the use of a blog can be simple and intuitive.
  • Large Developer Community – The WordPress developer community is the largest of its kind. Users are constantly improving the site software as well as constantly creating and revising custom plug-ins for various uses. WordPress is used for over 30 percent of all the websites on the internet. Its popularity attracts skilled developers and hobbyists alike, and one of the most amazing things about WordPress, is that anyone can contribute to the source code that makes the platform better.